About KFG

About Knitting Factory Group

KFG is comprised of a seasoned team of veteran executive operators with decades of experience in all aspects of the entertainment and hospitality industry.

Since its origins in 1987, KFG parent Knitting Factory Entertainment has evolved into a 360-degree entertainment and hospitality company with holdings that include three branded music clubs, four restaurants (including its three wildly successful Federal bar and restaurant entertainment complexes), an artist management company, a record label, and a publishing house.

Partial ownership interests include the iconic Regent Theatre in downtown Los Angeles and Arrive Hotel, a 39 room gem in the heart of the growing hot bed of entertainment, Palm Springs.

360 Degree Entertainment


General Overview + Entertainment Services
Market Research and Strategy
Knitting Factory Group can execute a comprehensive market study with recommend strategies for your location and brand, by offering its clients a “fresh set of eyes” in reviewing competition in the region and across the industry, guiding client operators in clarifying strategies and goals, assessing underserved niches, and determining the best and most profitable use of time and resources. In addition, the experts at Knitting Factory will review and recommend potential industry partners that can give our clients the competitive upper hand in their market.
Facility Design and Build Outs
Our experts have designed and built clubs, restaurants, concert halls, amphitheaters and arenas and possess over 100 years of collective experience in this area. We design with both the guest and staff’s comfort and functionality in mind, while maintaining the ability to cater to the wide variety of artist needs and we design with expansion options in mind, affording the operator the ability to open and expand as the business grows. Our experts can oversee your general contractor on a day to day basis as your project comes to life, making the small decisions that keep budgets and timelines on track.
Facility Openings
From public relations to last minute punch lists, we can provide guidance on all facets regarding the opening of your facility. Allow us to lighten the load by assisting in staffing, training, human resources, licensing, inspections, and operational documentation. Our range of experience in entertainment facilities affords us the ability to foresee potential issues and implement the necessary remedies long before the first guest enters your venue or restaurant.
Event and Facility Marketing

Knitting Factory Entertainment has been creating and maintaining relationships with media partners in markets across the nation for over a decade. Our experience with radio, print, television and social media allows Knitting Factory’s skilled team the ability to create strategic marketing plans tailored to client needs and desires and our marketing metrics allow for quantifiable measures of success and a real time vision of a campaign as it develops and grows.

Event Programing / Talent Buying

The Knitting Factory Group and its subsidiary companies execute over 7,500 agency contracts annually and have top-level access to every major firm. With offices strategically located in New York and Los Angeles, KFG remains within walking distance to talent agencies and management firms, offering our buyers face-to-face access.

Additionally, KFG and its subsidiary companies can provide a reliable connection to marketplace demands and fair-market value ticket pricing, illustrating one of the major cornerstones of our philosophy: Always strive for consistently affordable and accessible entertainment for the venues that we program.

KFG’s level of access and volume of business not only drive prices down, but also help to guarantee that the right artists are hitting your market at the right time. By controlling multiple geographical areas and trading dates across multiple markets, we can maximize show inventory and work with agents to ensure the right placement on the right day.

KFE and its subsidiary companies regularly develop and execute custom event experiences for corporate and governmental clients. From food and culinary events to civic New Years Eve celebrations, let the experts at KFG develop your next special event.

Operational Audits

The Knitting Factory Group can provide a comprehensive audit of your venue or restaurant, presenting specific and actionable recommendations geared to maximize the success of your facility. The volume and diversity of venues and restaurants operating under the KFG flag provide the aggregate data necessary to establish standards of operation and benchmarks for performance. With venues and restaurants operating on both coasts, and in primary, secondary, and tertiary markets, our experienced team can approach your facility knowing what it could and should be doing, and provide the recommendations that enable you to make the decisions necessary for the advancement of your facility.

KFG can also provide the technological recommendations necessary to best capture the quantifiable metrics upon which to base your success. From point of sales systems, to accounting software, to customized databases, we can outfit your company with the systems necessary to most easily capture the data critical to measuring the success of your efforts. You can’t measure what you don’t capture.

Facility Management

Knitting Factory Group can provide short-term or long-term Facility Managers to either bridge the gap of unfilled positions or provide an on-the-ground leader to take your restaurant or venue to the next level. Our managers hit the ground armed with the tools, experience and relationships necessary to give your facility its best chances for success.

Efficient Reporting and Forecasting Tools

Knitting Factory Group utilizes a proprietary reporting and forecasting database that gives venue owners and managers the tools necessary to both monitor cash flow and make the critical decisions regarding an event before it is contracted. Every link of the event chain is recorded in the system, including: artist and market research, agency offers, confirmation generation, email generation, production notes, weekly projection updates, event counts, marketing management, event settlement, and document storage.

Once an event processes through the event database, the data is archived and readily available for a number of useful reports including: Sales and Talent Buyer contribution, Artist performance, Agency performance, Agent Performance, Market performance by genre, and side-by-side deal comparisons (vs., gross, “door deal”).

Restaurant Operations

KFG has conceptualized and launched multiple restaurant models across the country. From remodels to ground floor build outs that include: design development, lease negotiations, menu creation, city planning approval, policy, community relationships, public relations, branding, kitchen layout and front-of-house flow, front and back of house human resources, executive personnel and much more.

We have the ability to maximize your profits by providing a hand-picked core team that can be on the ground to work with ownership and management. Experts that will drill down into current operations and provide comprehensive and substantive feedback. Our team will deliver a customized road map and blueprint covering all areas of operations: COG's, POS, payroll, staffing, security protocol, accounting, insurance audit, HR and more. Upon request, KFG can help put a team in place and remain on the ground to assist in executing your new plan.

Event Production Services

From permanent installations to pop-up venues, KFG can provide the people and resources necessary to professionally execute your event. From small corporate events to multi-day festivals, our production team has the experience to take the lead, stay on budget, and execute your vision of the event.

Services include: Short-term or long-term Production Manger placement, venue design, production equipment consultation and procurement, event layout and CAD, governmental interface, ADA compliance, event budgeting, staffing, advance work, artist coordination, artist settlement and post-mortem wrap-up.


Event and private food and beverage expertise